We Build Experiences

FOVEA is an end-to-end media acquisition and post-production company. We are a team of industry professionals specializing in technical artistry. Whether it be providing dailies, DI, or editorial we help our client’s vision remain consistent from the moment they press record until the time their audience presses play.

In the digital age of film/TV production, we strive to provide comprehensive workflows for data intensive shoots that require the utmost attention to quality and control. We started from a community of post-production professionals, Digital Imaging Technicians (DITs) and Colorists working with both union and non-union productions. Now we consult with our clients on the most beneficial workflows in pre- production to final delivery in post-production and offer a wide gamut of digital imaging services.

Our commitment to our colleagues and the industry is to deliver not just a product but a piece of art with the luxury of efficiency. With our technology, we can help any size of production to manage and create the stories digitally as imagined. Digital asset management and the art encompassed within is what we do. We take projects personally and give them the personal care they deserve. With us as your digital production team, we can manage and integrate poetically the art of editorial and color into your story